Best 2021 Hippie Gift Ideas

Have you ever wondered what you should buy your hippie? Understand your question, Vintage 70s Clothing has rounded up this list of hippie gift ideas for you to choose from.

No matter who they are — your best friend, your sibling, or even your mom, let’s choose one that can spread love, peace, and happiness.

Tips For Choosing Cool Hippie Gifts:

  • All that refers to love and awareness
  • A gift about nature
  • Decoration of Boho
  • Clothing and accessories from Boho
  • Items in fair market
  • Locally made things
  • Custom Hippie shirt

Best Hippie Gift Ideas

To minimize the change of unwanted returns or exchanges, we have made a list of cool hippie gifts for you to choose from.

Hippie gift ideas for Decor


Let’s get something nice to showcase your hippie friends’ house:

This is one of the best gifts for hippies.

Dream catchers are known from the Native American community. It helps people to get rid of their bad nightmares.

There are many designs for dream catchers for you to choose from. Pick the one that looks vintage and suits hippie friends most!

Macramé Wall Hanging

Another nice item for home decor is macrame hanging. Macramé is a highly diverse art form. It is suitable for every hippie and the hippie society. One handmade macrame wall hanging as a gift could be so cool and meaningful. 

Hand-made Wind Chimes

Wind chimes have a soothing effect on the soul. Because it is so calm and peaceful , wind chimes are a great present for any hippie. To get one that your beloved hippie friends or homies would love, go for the hand-made and customize wind chimes.

Natural Bedsheet

Nothing beats resting your tired head on organic bedding at the end of a hard day. Bed sheets should be changed over time so don’t worry while buying one. This is because your hippie can use that anytime. You can choose a bedding sheet made from linen. It is so natural and very hippie.

Tree Log Table

This amazing piece allows your hippie to feel the beauty of nature! It can be placed outdoors or indoors to add a touch of coziness to a home. Since it is 100% natural-made, it suits best for every hippie.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

This is a great gift for hippie friends who love nature. Himalayan salt lamps provide their house with natural beauty and might help them increase mood and balance energy.


Crystals are spirit items that almost all hippies love. If you cannot decide which kind of crystal to buy, you can get a set of various types of them.

Organic candles

Did you realize that normal candles are hazardous to your health? So choosing natural and organic candles is a great idea. These candles can provide a lovely aroma that matches the hippie’s taste. They are non-toxic and feature a clean-burning wick.


Most hippies have a sensitive soul and often think deeply. A journal is a thoughtful present that allows them to collect their thoughts and record their dreams.

Dried flowers

Every hippie loves nature. So, some packages of dried flowers are gifts for a hippie friend. These may be used to make handmade beauty products, added to a relaxing bath, or simply spread over a room to provide positive energy! 

Also, Your hippie friends can use them to decorate their diaries or journals. Some kinds of flowers can be used to make tea as well.

Hippie gift ideas for Fashion

Hawaiian Shirt

Summer is in your area so why don’t you get an Aloha shirt for your friend? An awesome Hawaiian shirt for men is a great gift for your dad and your boyfriend this season. Choose one in vintage design that might match with hippie spirit best!

Boho Tunic Top

Tunic shirts are versatile, comfortable, and stylish pieces of clothes. You don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size because they look great baggy. If you are seeking gifts for a hippie mom, a boho tunic top is the way to go.

Boho Kimono

Hoho kimonos are great hippie gifts. They can be worn in any season. If they are made of high-quality linen, these pieces would be fantastic! Your hippie will definitely love a loose-fitting and casual boho kimono! So don’t worry while thinking about buying it.

Boho Dress or Skirt

When it comes to creating chic boho ensembles, a fantastic maxi dress or skirt will be your go-to piece.

Because they are so easy to put together with other outfits, they will be hippie gift ideas this season. Just pick a basic skirt or dress with minimum designs, your hippies will love it all the way.

Accessories for Hippie gift ideas

Flower Crown

A floral crown is ideal for both flower hippie kids and mothers! They can put it on for an outside photoshoot, outdoor parties, or the next family picture. 

Floral Headband

Like a flower crown, a headband with a floral design on it will be a cool gift for any chic girl and woman. They can wear it anywhere. For example, what about wearing it to a 70s party? This can be a great gift in any season since it can be used on all kinds of happy occasions.

Boho Bags

Boho bags are stylish and truly hippie, and they can be worn on the shoulder or across the body.  

They make a very versatile present idea that will be utilized for many years. And of course, they are never going out of style anytime soon!

Let’s choose the one handmade for matching the hippie society.

Basket Purse

A basket purse is one of the ideal gifts for a hippie mom who enjoys wandering through the farmer’s market, gathering wildflowers, or having a beach picnic.

Necklace with a Tiny Peace Sign

A sweet little peace sign necklace allows your hippie friend to express his or her love for peace without having to shout it from the rooftops. It’s a modest and nonetheless elegant accessory, while still displaying the bohemian side of your friend.

Simple Bohemian Earrings

These earrings are an inexpensive option but still very “bohemian” and “hippie” choice as a gift.  They are playful and colorful, which are ideal for hippie teenagers. 

Custom TItems for Hippie Gift Ideas

Custom Masks

Masks are an ideal choice in this current situation. You can search for a linen mask, tie dye mask, or a custom mask with the peace sign on it. All can make great gifts for hippies.

Custom Shirts/ T-shirts

Shirts are cool hippie presents. You can choose a tie dye T-shirt or a custom one with some hippies on it. These fashion items will be a great present for every hippie to express their love and peace.

Custom Mugs

Choose custom mugs as hippie presents to share the boho-chic vibes! Custom coffee mugs make great friendship presents for hippie best friends. There are many designs for you to choose from, such as a mug with a peace sign, or one with a hippie quote.

Final thought

All these goods may be obtained at online stores, so you can buy them easily. But you can visit and explore the shelves at a vintage local shop to get some items. This is probably the method you will receive a lot of fantastic ideas!

Do you have any ideas for hippie gifts? Hopefully, you can pick one after reading this article!

If you have missed any other meaningful items for hippies, please let us know by leaving a comment below!

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