Best Polo Outfits For Guys

Polo shirts are a must-have piece of casual-chic menswear that should not be looked down on! The polo outfits for guys have found their way into every menswear wardrobe currently. 

So, if you are struggling with pairing your polos, this article is for you. Here we have some polo outfit ideas that can help you save time while mixing and matching your clothes.

How To Choose Polo Shirts For Guys?

Before learning to mix and match polo outfits for guys, you should know How to choose the best-fit shirts for yourself. Below are some notes for polo shirt fashion:


The length of the polo shirt should not pass the end of the fly.


If you have a beer belly, avoid buying a skinny-fit polo shirt since it will emphasize all the wrong places of your body. Choose a relaxed fit.

Of course, if you have a toned figure, you can go for a slim-fit one. 


Don’t choose the one that is overly snug between sleeves and chess. Sleeves: Sleeves should be around the midpoint between the shoulder and the elbow.

How To Wear Polo Outfits For Guys? 

Polo shirts outfits are a must-have item in all men’s closets. They are essential not only for guys who want casual street or sporty looks but also for those who prefer office style. If you head to work or a date, you can look for a formal plain polo shirt. But if you are on the field,  a unique golf shirt for men can make you stand out!

How do you style a polo shirt?  Remember to follow the following tips to rock your look.

  • No collars popped for a men’s polo shirt, as this is out-of-style and uncool.
  • Untuck your polo while pairing it with shorts
  • Button at least 1 button

What To Wear With Polo Shirt?

What pants to wear with polo shirt?

Polos with jeans

A polo shirt and jeans are the best combo for guys. Polo shirts are simple to pair with your favorite jeans for a casual appearance. So, how to wear a polo shirt with jeans? Darker jeans, such as navy or black, are excellent for more formal events. If you want to know more about how to wear black jeans, click here.

If you’re just chilling out over the weekend, go for looser-fitting, lighter-colored denim.

Polo with Chinos

Chinos are wonderful to cap off an ensemble with a polo shirt. This is because they fall between a semi-formal and smart casual look. Tuck your polo shirt half into your trousers to get a more sleek finish!

Polo shirts with shorts

Shorts are great summer attire, so why don’t you pair them with polo t-shirts? A winning mix of casual polo and shorts is a safe bet. When you’re out and about, this polo shirts outfit will keep you cool and breezy.

Polo Shirts with sweatpants

Sweatpants make a comfy and relaxed feel. A short-sleeved polo shirt with sweatpants combo is one of the best polo shirts outfits. With cool and comfy bottoms, the polo shirt creates an instant casual mood. To finish your appearance, add a pair of shoes or a snapback. Make sure your clothes fit properly or you’ll come across as sloppy since just by small adjustments, an athleisure look can transfer into a sloppy one.

Polo shirts with cargo pants

Pairing a clean white polo shirt with cargo trousers and you can have a look that fits both formal and informal events. 

What shoes to wear with polo outfits for guys?


These shoes are a must-have in men’s wardrobe; just make sure you wear them with no-show socks. There are a plethora of styles to choose from, ranging from lather to embroidered, so go for a simple pair in a dark color like black or brown and if you intend to join an event.


When you’re relaxing by the pool party or hanging out with friends, combine your casual style of shorts and polo shirts with a pair of espadrilles is a great option. Choose a pair with woven features, and if you’re bold enough, go for a pattern with a striking print instead of the standard blue and black.

Leather trainers 

Throw on a pair of leather trainers and match your polo shirt with slim-fit sweatpants for a weekend look. Retro court trainers are the greatest option that can mix with any item in your clothing.

Chukka boots 

Chukka boots are ideal for more formal events. They go well with your polos with jeans combo for the ultimate cool and sleek look.

What to wear for a layer-up look with polo shirts outfits?

Bomber jacket

The stylish, vintage vibe created with polo shirts and bomber jackets reminds us of Mod fashion. To add some intrigue, wear a khaki or camo pattern bomber on weekends while walking around town or hanging out at your favorite pub with your friends.

Leather jacket

A leather jacket and a slim-fit short-sleeved polo shirt are ideal for channeling bad guy vibes. Mix it with black skinny jeans and leather boots to slay the look.

Knitted sweater

It’s a fantastic idea to wear a thin V-neck sweater over a polo shirt instead of a formal shirt. Button all the buttons and let the collar hang loose. If you wear a long-sleeved polo shirt, roll up the sleeves and tuck them up over the cuffs of your sweater to make it look more stylish.

Denim jacket

Wearing a denim jacket open over a polo shirt is a way to dress things up a little. It’s one of the casual polo outfits that are perfect for every date or hangout.  Rocking double denim vibe when combining them with jeans.

Zipper hoodie

Hoodies are versatile to mix and match with most outfits, but they look especially good with a polo shirt. Look for a zip-up design to keep the polo visible, and don’t be afraid to mix and match colors with your hoodie and polo. 


This combo may confuse you but no worry. Tuck your polo shirts in your pants with a belt, keep the collar neat then layer up with a blazer. A cool but formal look is what you will get!

How To Wear A Polo Shirt?

Below are some suggested polo outfit ideas for you in certain occasions:

Smart look

A polo shirt is appropriate for a classy event, such as a wedding or date. In case you also don’t want it to seem like a school uniform, therefore formal black trousers should be avoided.

If you want to create a better appearance with a polo shirt, opt for a looser-fitting blazer and dark-colored chinos instead – just make sure the polos are tucked into your pants.

How to get the look:

  • White polo shirt
  • Chinos
  • Blazers
  • Espadrille shoes

Semi-Smart look

If your workplace requires uniform standards, a polo shirt is a perfect piece for you. Combine them with black jeans or pants to get a greater look. 

You can get away with wearing something other than a clean white polo shirt – play around with colors and don’t worry about buttoning all buttons to the top. Choose chukka boots to pair with and leave your shirt untucked.

How to get the look:

  • Polo shirt
  • Black jeans
  • Chukka boots

Casual look

Polo shirts are simple to throw on, so matching them with a pair of shorts for the weekend is great. Trainers are a great way to complete this outfit.

How to get the look:

  • Printed Polo shirt 
  • Shorts
  • Trainers

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