Best Striped Skirt Outfits For Stylish Ladies

If you are looking for graceful yet trendy pieces of clothing to kick off a new blessing year, then the striped skirt outfits are ideal bottom wear to add more vibration. 

No doubt these print items are classic ones, but they always look fresh and awesome. First of all, you should decide what type of skirts you want (be it a vertical striped skirt, pinstripe or horizontal one) and the decor details it might have. Next, consider color combination and outfit matching to choose the best-suited top. 

This process is for sure, no easy feat. That’s why this article is here to give you the best look in striped skirt outfits. Now, it’s time to look further and get inspired.

8 Best Ideas On What To Wear With A Striped Skirt

A striped skirt and a simple white shirt would create a perfect pair that can make you never go out of style. Also, they are a great option for those who want to introduce a bowl statement about the striped shirt outfits to their wardrobe. But most importantly, this combination gives an inherently effortless style to put on your body on any occasion. 

Old But Gold: A Basic White Top For The Elegant Look

How to wear a striped skirt from formal to casual? All you need to do is to team your skirt with ankle boots or a cool pair of sneakers to compliment your look.

White Polka Dots And Stripe To Break The Rule

If you insist on matching polka dots and stripes together, you really need to pay attention to pattern sizes. Otherwise, you will look totally unfashionable. You can play with scale: large stripes with thin baby donut-sized dots or vice versa. 

For the best result, your striped skirt outfits should maintain the same color scheme throughout. You can consider wearing a pair of plain high heels and a belt to create a balanced outfit. 

Striped Skirt Outfits With Hipster And Retro Vibes

What about mixing retro and hipster vibes in one single look? You can mix a colorful cropped cardigan sweater with a simple lady tee shirt tucked in a belted vertical striped knee-length skirt. Compliment the look with pairs of eyeglasses for a nerdy style

Stripe On Stripe 

What to wear with a black and white striped skirt? The simplest way would be to double the effort with one colorway. You can take a look at the below a matchy-matchy outfit, with an off-shoulder long-sleeve striped shirt paired with an exactly matching striped high-rise pencil bottom. The red chain clutch bag also adds more color and versatility to the look.

What To Wear With A Striped Maxi Skirt: Mixt It With A Pullover Sweater

You can never go wrong with a pullover top for striped skirt outfits. This combination will give you a casual style while walking on the streets.  You can also team it with a fringed black colored shoulder look instantly chic. 

A Denim Top And Striped Pencil Skirt

A denim jacket is a to-to item to match with vibrantly striped skirts, giving wearers a cool yet feminine look. To complement the striped skirt outfits, it’s best to pair them with a plain tank/ crop top bra and comfortable sneakers. 

A Colorful Blazer And Striped Skirt For A Ladylike Look

Take this look from Rihanna as an example. She chose a fiery red blazer to match with a bodycon midi skirt in black and white stripes. What a perfect combination to make praise on the women’s S curves. 

A Cropped Sleeveless Top For A Perfect Weekend Match

If you want to let your hair down a bit at the weekend, it’s a decent choice to match a sleeveless crop top with your flare skirt. The outfit can go with any type of footwear, whether high heels, boots, flat shoes, or sneakers.

Tips When Wearing Striped Skirt Outfits

  • Horizontal stripes are generally for the slimmer bodies while the vertical ones are friendlier with curvy girls.
  • It’s easier to match high-contrasting colors (like black and white) together while low-contrasting pairs should come with elements such as glasses, purses, or belts.
  • Be mindful of the scale of the stripes and complementary colors.
  • Complement the outfits with accessories, footwear, or handbags properly
  • Don’t knock it until you style it, so do not worry about trying new things. You never know what trend you might end up setting for yourself

So, that’s our guide on how to mix and match with the striped bottom wears. Pretty easy to pull off, right? What are you waiting for, let’s roll up your sleeves and rock your striped skirt outfits!

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