How To Do 70s Makeup With Detailed Explanations

If you have watched old movies or followed some fashionistas, you will see that the 1970s is truly the era of trends that spark the styling industry. Talking about how to do 70s makeup, disco glam, dreamy eye shadow, and sun-kissed skin are the rising stars.

In our article What To Wear To A 70s Party: A Complete Guide, we have mentioned the rocking outfits for a 70s-themed party. Now, it’s time to put on the 70s makeup to finish the look. Also, it is a cool way to add new colors to your everyday makeup routine.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and rock this timeless look!

The 1970s makeup trends

In general, there are natural vibes, Boho, disco, and edgy styles you can try for 70s-inspired makeup. While having distinct vibes, these styles often bear the same significant patterns.

Mascara is often applied on both top and bottom lashes, together with shimmer shadows. Eyebrows are brushed, tamed, and kept natural. The glow on the skin is achieved through light liquid formulas. The popular powder colors are opalescent, pearl, or bronze with shades of berry on the cheek. The lips are coated with shiny glosses, pink, or nude lipsticks.

Eyeshadow & lipstick - How to do 70s makeup

As women during the 1970s loved the athletic and natural look, this trend represents the simple and effortless beauty that they worshipped. However, we can all see that it takes quite an amount of time and effort.

How to achieve the 70s makeup look

Interested in the look? Gather your friends, put on some fluffy hairstyle and vintage outfits, and let us show you the 70s makeup ideas to try together right now!

Apply blush

To get started, use a large brush to apply and blend bronzer liberally on your face. Make sure you choose two shades that are darker than your skin to ensure a natural look. Your brush should sweep from the hairline, cheekbones, nose tip to the chin, and jawline.

Apply blushes with the shades of vibrant berry or peach on the apples of your cheeks. This will give your face natural flushes. You can also use a shimmer highlighter to emphasize the naturality of your skin.

In the late 70s, foundations replaced powders for a softer and more fashionable look, so you can try this with similar colors.

70s blush

Apply eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliners

The 70s eye makeup is as lively as the era it represents.

Use light colors as shimmer pastel or cream for the eyeshadows. In the daytime, apply black or brown mascara on both top and bottom lashes, and more defined when it comes to nighttime. If you want a more dramatic look, use black for everything, from mascara, eyeliner, to eye shadows.

False lashes are also popular makeup accessories at this time, but remember the “no-makeup” look is what we are aiming for, so choose the light shapes that fit your eyes.

Finally, don’t forget the sparkling eyeshadow to get you ready for any disco party.

Applying eyeshadow

Touch up your eyebrows

The most important tip on how to do 70s makeup must be paying attention to the eyebrows. They must be kept natural, while tamed to get a thin shape. So if you want to achieve this, brush your eyebrows and keep it as “clean” as possible.

Apply lipstick

Every lipstick of 1970s makeup trends was dewy and glossy. Women even applied the same lipstick shades as the foundation they used.

So, we recommend you during the daytime to make sure your lips are pale with shades of pink and peach. If you need this look for the evening, use more vibrant colors for your lips. However, deep fruits colors are suitable too, if you are applying light eyeshadows.

What we get from 70’s makeup style

It is really fun to go back in time and see how trends have changed over the years. What has each 70s makeup look brought to us? After how to do 70s makeup guide, from all good and bad case practices, let’s talk a bit about this to honor the look we are trying to achieve today.

Vibrant bright eyeshadow

When mentioning the 70s makeup look, bright eyeshadow like cream or pastel-blue is the iconic feature that anyone will think of right away.

As can be seen from the new palettes of Jeffree Star Cosmetics and other brands, this trend is slowly making its way back to modern times. Not only does it look stylish and eye-catching but also shows your bold taste. If you don’t think it is possible to show your blue shades around, save the look for festive occasions.

1970s Maybelline Eyeliner Kit

Attention to the bottom lashes

Had it not been for the 70s makeup ideas, we won’t know how impressive your look becomes when applying mascara on both lashes. Your everyday look’s dramatic level depends on your amount of eye makeup, remember that.

Sparkling eyeshadow

The disco vibe won’t be in its best form without the incorporation of glitz and glam. It is also a special makeup accessory that makes your face glow and highlights other features. Together with the pastel eyeshadow, this will get you to feel upbeat the whole time.

An answer for the brows

One of the best lessons we can get from the 70s must be how we take care of our brows, which is letting it grow full and bushy. The sparse and “clean” brows are the decade’s signature, but it’s good to leave it in the past. However, on how to do 70s makeup and your preference, you can still stick to its original look if you want.

That’s all about the 70’s makeup style we love to talk to you about today. Try it one day, at a themed party, on a random day, whenever you like! Be bold and rock every vintage look!

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