How To Dress Like A Nerd: Cool Nerd Outfit Ideas For All

Geeky or nerdy style is no longer the topic of outdatedness or bully, but it is actually becoming an iconic look in the fashion world. Who would have imagined nerds being the trendsetters? But it’s happening! Like any new trend, not many people know how to dress like a nerd in a stylish way, therefore, we are here to help!

This style is often associated with people who are introverted, smart, and intellectual, which makes it easy and affordable to pull off the look. You don’t really need to attach to a particular outfit, but only knowing the basics will help you choose your items.

Girl geek reading in a library

Whether you want to spice up your everyday wear, dress for Halloween, or show off your personality, you are at the right place. Read more to know some suggestions on nerd dressing up ideas and prepare for your new look!

What do nerds wear?

Before looking at the big picture, let’s start by getting to know how nerds choose their clothing pieces and accessories. Getting into the character, then, you will find the items that fit you the most.


A basic tip on how to look like a nerd is wearing some ill-fitting pants. You need to find either high-water or tight ones so that your walk will look quite awkward. You can also choose Bermuda shorts or a skirt in multiple colors. A leather skirt will make you feel like a nerd who loves socializing.

The perfect accessories for your pants are clip-on suspenders and a long belt.

Taylor Swift's nerdy look in "You Belong With Me"


There are many upper wear choices you can get for your nerdy look. Just make sure your shirt is tucked into your awkward pants all the time.

For men, you can go for short-sleeve Oxford shirts with pockets. At the same time, female nerds can put on a plaid shirt and sweater vests. On a side note, when in doubt, opt for cross and argyle patterns, you will look like a cool nerd right away.


Just like shirts and pants, you should choose bright, multi-colored, cross, and argyle patterns for your socks. Mismatched ones are also a great idea in boosting your nerdy vibe. Besides, remember to go for the long and thick ones, especially when you are wearing shorts or a skirt.

Argyle socks on how to dress like a nerd


On how to dress like a nerd boy and girl, besides clothing items, you need to pick the right footwear as well. There are several options, but consider putting on saddle or bowling shoes. Black sneakers are some of the most basic items but also work for this look.


To wannabe nerd guys, it is essential to have your hair slicked back with lots of hair gel in half. And how to dress like a nerd girl? Just pull everything up into a high bun or lopsided pigtails.


Any guides on how to dress like a nerd will never miss their suggestions on the accessories, as these are the most important essentials to help pull off nerdy looks.

To look outstanding as a nerd, don’t forget to carry with you:


You can’t be a nerd if you don’t read, study, and carry books around. So, prepare a big and vibrant backpack to show that you are a true bookworm.


A large one on your wrist will help you feel like a real organized geek. Make sure you choose the old digital type.

Bow tie

If you are a guy who is about to get that nerdy look, whether you are putting on suspenders or not, remember to wear a patterned bow tie.


We can bet almost everyone who heard about nerds will think about big eyeglasses first of all. So, don’t hesitate to prepare a pair or two.

With all typical nerd classics mentioned above, let’s see how they can combine together to make you fashionably nerdy.

Nerd outfits for guys

Just with a zip-up hoodie, an Oxford shirt, jeans, digital watch, a pair of brown leather shoes, and a pair of glasses, you can have a look that seems nerdy, but very modern and elegant.

Nerd outfit

By adding a bright-colored sweater, your nerdiness is sure enhanced. As you can see, a pair of boat sneakers and rolled-up jeans can also do the work.

As mentioned above, suspenders are some of the must-have accessories in a nerdy guy’s outfit. Make use of the item’s strength by mixing it with a dotted Oxford shirt.

Nerd outfit for girls

There are many ways for a girl to look both geeky and cute. This is one of them. A pair of high-heeled black boots can be a great saver to boost your confidence.

Tucking your shirt way in your pants or skirt is certainly a nerd’s signature. And yes, go for the cross-patterned ones as wess as matching belts.

Bright and repeated patterns are always lovely, especially when matching together. If you want to bring your look to the next level, choose leather handbag.

So, that’s our guide on how to look like a nerd. Pretty easy to pull off, right? What are you waiting for, put on your glasses and rock those awesome nerdy outfits!

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