How To Wear A Bandana For Men: 4 Easy Ways

Bandana fashion may seem a little bit far to reach for a lot of men, my boyfriend Mason included. It’s understandable, too, since the fashion item has mostly been a niche and only recently brought up to attention. Big brands after big brands, celebrities one after another, they all seem to don a bandana like it’s the hottest news. For men, how to wear a bandana that’s both stylish and fitting to their image can be a challenge.

A bandana is surprisingly a convenient accessory. It’s trendy yet functional – you can use it to cover your face, slingback your hair, or simply shove it in your pocket and it’s already making a fashion statement. The versatile designs and patterns give way to so much styling potential. It’s a fresh and somewhat flashier way to show off your personality – more than what a simple watch could’ve done.

How to wear a bandana for men

With that being said, there are no rules to wearing a bandana. It all depends on how you want to express yourself and your identity. Even a difference in prints can bring a whole new touch to the outfit.

Let’s look a little closer to the history of this item, and see how men’s bandana fashion has changed throughout the years:

Why did guys start wearing bandanas?

The word ‘bandana’ is believed to be derived from bāṅdhnū– a Hindi word means ‘to tie’. Originating from the South of Asia and Middle East, this square piece of patterned cloth actually has more purposes than just being an accessory that ‘ties’ around you.

During its time of reign, the bandana had been associated with a few different cultures, from mine workers and sailors to gang members. There are many different ways to wear bandanas for men as well.

Workers wore them around their necks as a symbol to fight for their rights. Sailors used bandanas as sweat rags, preventing their necks from being rubbed by the stiff collar. Cowboys used them as face masks to avoid breathing in dust. And gang members used them as an affiliation – distinctive colors and patterns represented different gangs.

The influence of celebrities is one of the reasons why bandana fashion became so popular
From left to right: Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, all created their iconic look with bandanas

Nowadays, with the rise of pop culture and the need for a fashion statement, bandanas gradually become more well-known as a trending accessory for both men and women. It’s connected to many subcultures, most are related to the music industry. We can’t deny the influence of pop stars and hip hop artists. They are all thrilled to show off their signature bandana look – and people start wearing the cloth to be a part of the culture.

Bandana how-to: Different ways to wear bandanas for men

Tie it around your neck

Tying a bandana around your neck is probably the most simple way to make use of this accessory. Aside from doubling as a sweat rag if needed, bandanas will suit most fashion style and are suitable for both casual and smart casual events. You can certainly go for smaller bandanas to make the look more subtle.

How to wear a bandana for men

If you don’t know how to tie a bandana in a stylish way, simply just fold it down to your preferred width. Tie it in the front of your neck, and if you feel like it, you can even turn the knot to the back.

If you have a bandana big enough, you can make your look bolder by using it as a scarf. It’s not only fashionable, but can also keep your neck warm in colder seasons. 

Tie it around your wrist

 Another easy way to use a bandana is to double it as a colorful and bold bracelet. It’s a fun, cool-looking approach to trendy apparel that’s also very safe and subtle. This style suits men who want to incorporate bandana into their outfit, but yet to know how.

Simply wrap the cloth around your wrist and tie it firmly. This style looks the best if you’re dressing up casually, especially with plain T-shirts and jeans. Pair it with a simple watch, and your effortless outfit is already making a statement.

Check out this video for a closer look at how to tie a bandana around the wrist for guys:

Use it as a headband/head scarf

This classic style is definitely a fave for music artists. Bandana headbands are now mandatory items in order to create that iconic stage look. At the same time, they help men with long hair and locks to keep hair out of their face in the most fashionable way. Who can say no to that?

Wearing a bandana headband will easily help you achieve that edgy, rock-and-roll fashion. Thus, it goes insanely well with street style clothes, and one of the best items to wear to a music festival. This is a style that’s loved by many celebrities and pop stars for its versatility and unique look.

How to wear a bandana for men

Try simpler colors and patterns when you first try this style out. To tie a bandana headband, select one that has a suitable width and length to be able to wrap around your head properly. You can choose to use a bandana as a headband or headscarf depending on your preference.

Add it to your clothes

Finally, if you want the bandana to be really, really subtle, then why not make it a small part of the clothes that you wear that day? A bandana can work as a pocket square, especially for smart casual occasions. Or you can let it stick out a little from your jeans’ pocket to create a unique, colorful touch.

Now that you’ve read through our tips to wear bandana for men, do you still think that it’s a hard item to incorporate into your usual outfits? Or are you more determined to try it out in the near future? Let us know!

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