How To Wear A Leather Skirt: Style Tips Every Girl Should Know

A leather skirt will be the most fashionable and versatile piece of clothing you have, as long as you know which items are suitable to match with it. So, how to wear a leather skirt in the most stylish way? That’s what we will talk about today.

Been around for thousands of years, leather is one of the oldest garments to exist until today. Since the late 70s and early 80s, leather skirts have become popular and among must-have items in any girl’s wardrobes. Why? The answer is easy, it brings out both toughness and femininity to their look at the same time.

Whether you want to put on a humble look or something that grabs others’ attention, there are plenty of combinations that suit your needs. Before introducing the leather skirt outfit ideas, let us help you know which length and design you should be wearing today.

Blake Lively in black leather skirt

How to style a leather skirt

It is important to select the skirt’s design and length that suits your personality and the occasion you’re going to.

In the business, professional, and conservative context, it is best to go for the knee-length or longer ones. At the same time, girls also love the short leather skirt outfits, but you know what, there are many types of short skirts for different looks as well. We will talk more about this in the later parts.

Know the skirt types available

There are pencil, pleated, and circle skirt styles. For short-length versions of those styles, pleated and circular ones are the most popular thanks to its comfortability. If you prefer those with a midi length, remember to select the ones with a slit for an elegant look.

Black leather skirt outfits are not all

When hearing about leather skirts, what comes first in people’s minds is the ones in black. However, there are many more colors available than that. If you love this material, don’t hesitate to try other shades of it to see which works best for you.

What to wear with a leather skirt

Since you have known that there is a wide variety of skirt types, let us introduce to you the styling tips on how to wear a leather skirt, specifically choosing the best tops and shoes.

Choose your tops

After considering the style you are going for, it’s time to pair your skirt with a suitable top. Generally, the recommended combinations will go like this:

  • A loose-fitting top goes well with a pencil skirt, while a pleated one is best matched with a top that is form-fitting
  • The tops in each black or brown leather skirt outfit often work with any color, but you must pay more attention when pairing with colored skirts.
  • Don’t wear denim or leather jackets while you are having your leather dresses on. Seriously, they will ruin your look.
How to wear a leather skirt

For each occasion, how should you mix your items?

  • For streetwear, parties, clubs, and night-outs, go for a colorful top and a pleated black skirt. And don’t be surprised, a white leather skirt outfit will also do on these occasions. To look more feminine, add earrings and necklaces.
  • For a tough look, choose a tight top and match it with a black skirt and combat shoes.
  • For a sexy appearance, consider putting on some sleeveless, sheer, or V-neck tops.
  • For professional wear, a knee-length skirt is the best choice. You can match it with leggings or stockings and a long blazer.
  • In the winter, to maintain both warmth and fashion, put on a cardigan or trench coat over your tops.
Short black leather skirt

Don’t underestimate your shoes

Just like your tops and skirts, the shoes you choose should be based on the event you are attending. How to wear a leather skirt with fitted shoes? Well, dark-colored footwear is suggested to pull the look together.

  • For casual night-outs and outings, comfortability goes first, so sneakers and flats can be a great choice.
  • For a summer and feminine look, you can go for high heels or sandals.
  • For a conservative appearance, match your outfit with pointed-toe flats or classic pumps. Leather skirt and boots are also a nice combination you can try, especially in winter.
Match suitable shoes

Final tips

Those are the leather skirt outfit ideas that any girl can try. To conclude this article, here are a few notes to make sure you have the best look:

  • When choosing accessories, opt for silver for the most classy touch. Gold jewelry will make you seem older than you actually are, and nobody wants that.
  • Skirts’ texture is very important, read reviews, do some research to choose the best quality ones.
  • If you want more leather items on your outfits, remember to keep your make-up simple.

So, that’s all about our suggestions. Have you got your ideas on how to wear a leather skirt? We hope you find it better to mix and match after this article!

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