How To Shop Secondhand Vintage Clothes

Purchasing everything new is the poorest sustainable way to shop. If you’re enthusiastic about making necessary modifications to your clothing, it’s time to look at pre-loved possibilities. I enjoy browsing at thrift stores. It’s been my go-to strategy since I first started spending for myself in junior high. When we shop vintage clothes, we are assisting in the reclaiming and upcycling of clothing that might end up as waste. One’s trash is another’s treasure. You could stumble across a treasure full of old gems that will survive for years.

Of course, the vintage market has evolved significantly. Clothes aren’t created the same way they used to be. Cheap quality apparel that doesn’t last is flooding second-hand stores. Purchasing vintage is far more fun, yet it means it’s more difficult to discover charming items. The majority of secondhand retailers are beginning to actually sell designer products. While it is still less expensive than purchasing used, it is no longer as terrific of a bargain as it once was.

This guide contains all I’ve discovered about building a secondhand wardrobe.

Know yourself and your wardrobe

Some certain forms complement your body and others do not. 

Because I am pear-shaped, my hips are the greatest portion of my physique. I can proportion my hips by giving depth to my arms and shoulders with ruffles, fitting snugly in my waistline, and wearing simple pants.

These are not regulations, but rather recommendations. Everybody’s frame can match any style; you only have to get a bit more cautious.

Knowing your figures is one of the simplest techniques, especially when purchasing vintage online. If you can figure out why you don’t like things, you’ll be able to make better judgments in the change room.

You need to know your wardrobe before shopping.

We are frequently attracted to certain types of apparel. Before going to the shops, you should determine what you already have and want to have in your wardrobe.

I have already bought more than 20 hoodies, 7 of which are blue. So, when I go to the secondhand shop and find a stunning blue hoodie, I had to buy it since I like blue hoodies.

I have to tell myself to return it since it is excessive to have any more blue hoodies.

I have a handful of favorite brands. 

I know they are a fantastic match for my figure and my look. For jeans, I adore Levi’s. I also enjoy Saint Laurent. I can easily locate secondhand Levi’s and Lauren since I know they will fit. It will speed things up if you select brands that you enjoy and understand how they suit your physique.

Know what you’re looking for

You should always have a strategy before buying clothes. 

Make a list of what’s lacking from your closet and concentrate your efforts on locating those items. If something else catches your attention, go ahead and try it, but try to stay focused on the list.

Maintaining focus on the plan and the purpose increases your chances of something you’ll definitely wear.

In order to do that, first, you need to make yourself comfortable while choosing clothes. 

I’m a person with a purpose when I go shopping. I am not the person who goes to the shopping center and window shop. I enjoy shopping and trying on clothes effectively. Even if this means trying shoes with socks (in the changing room of course). I feel gross walking around in my bare feet on the dressing room flooring.

What I find difficult the most is being ready to walk away.

If you have invested an hour looking through shelves and another hour trying everything on, you must find a payoff. Unfortunately, that’s just not how it works.

Quite often, you will walk away empty-handed. You have to really, reeeeeeally love an item in order to keep your wardrobe limited, useful, and not squander money.

How many times have you wished you hadn’t left something on the rack? Most likely one or two.

How many times have you purchased an item and then regretted it because you never wear it? Too many to count.

If you don’t feel like wearing it, walk away. If you don’t fall in love at first sight, walk away. If there is just a slight doubt, walk away.

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