Victory Rolls – A Wonderful Hairstyle From The 1940s

In the 1940s and ‘50s, it is undeniable that victory rolls are some of the most trending hairstyles. Almost all women had them back then, and nowadays we can still see this vintage hairstyle appearing on posters, fashion magazines, themed parties, movies, celebrities, etc. You may not know how the hairstyle is called, but we are sure you have seen it somewhere.

But, what’s so special about victory rolls? With hair curled up in big columns, this reverse roll hairstyle can show the chic and classy side of any girl. If you are fond of fancy dresses and vintage style, you will see how victory rolls upgrade your look to another level.

With that being said, let us talk about the history of this hairstyle and show you how to do victory rolls step by step.

History of pin-up victory rolls

There is no exact answer to who created the hairstyle and where it originated. Instead, a lot of theories were passed on to one another about its origin.

1940s woman at work

As the 1940s were the time of World War II, victory rolls were named after the image of the “victory maneuver” of fighter planes creating exhaust loops in the sky. Another theory says that the hairstyle was meant to express that each new day is a victory. In the 40s, naming the hair like that was considered to be a patriotic act in honor of the brave soldiers.

There is one more story that when women joined the workforce, either in the Forces or war production factories, it was required that no hair should fall before their faces. Therefore, the reverse roll was one of the 1940s hairstyles that helped women better focus on their work. It was also a great way to style wavy hair when letting it loose.

Let aside the war and such, the updo hair was adopted by many actresses and models back then. In 1942, the actress Lana Turner had her hair curled up with pins when starring in the film “Somewhere I’ll Find You”. When the film was released, windows across the US displayed her images with the title “Victory Rolls”, which made the hairstyle become a phenomenon.

Betty Grable pin-up hairstyle

In 1943, other Hollywood figures like Betty Grable had styled her hair with pin-ups in other ways. This led to a wave of women enthusiastically following the trend. Never before seen how the bobby pin brands could make that much!

Today, the hair rolls remind everyone of the beauty, determination, and strength of females during the era. At the same time, they are some of the most stylish accessories that a girl cannot miss.

How to make victory rolls

There are actually six basic styles to make the vintage look you often see on TV. The hair can be either rolled forward or reverse. However, it was more signature and popular when it is rolled upward as we are going to show you below.

If you like this hairstyle, watch and read this part. Here we have a detailed victory rolls tutorial that you can try right now:

#1 Preparation

Your hair will be at the perfect length for this hairstyle if it is midway between short and long, also called the Middy haircut. However, there are still exceptions as the hairstyle also develops to adapt to modern times. The amazing actress Scarlett Johanson’s short hair in 2015 is the perfect example of this look:

Scarlett Johanson victory rolls

Make sure your hair is clean before getting into the hair curling process. Then, use heat protection mist to protect your hair from being damaged by the curling wand. Curl your hair and create loose waves for easy victory rolls in later steps.

#2 Dividing hair

Take out the top section of your hair and divide it into two sides. Have one side bigger than the other and use hairpins to secure the sections you’ve just created.

#3 Boosting volume

If you have naturally flat hair and want your rolls to be voluminous, try this tip. Comb backward the hair section that you choose to form the roll, then use a brush to smooth it lightly.

#4 Creating rolls

Roll your hair inwards towards the side parting with your fingers. After that, place hairpins inside the newly created rolls to secure them in place. Repeat the process on the other side.

#5 Adding hairspray

As you have had the pin-up rolls perfectly created, secure the whole look with high-quality hairspray. Now, it’s time to put on your lovely dress and rock this retro look!

That’s about the best among 1940s hairstyles, how it developed in its time, and the steps to style it yourself easily today. So, what do you think about the victory rolls? Did you manage to have it as an accessory to match with your stunning outfit? Let us know in the comments below!

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