What To Wear To A 70s Party: A Complete Guide

The 70s have truly created a significant wave of trends and looks. Afro hair, disco costumes, bell-bottom loose jeans, etc., it is super easy to recognize 70s fashion. People love this amazing period, and a lot of vintage theme gatherings have been organized around it. If you’re going to one, here are our suggestions on what to wear to a 70s party.

Firstly, let us take you through an overview of this styling timeframe, then some accessories that scream stylish 70s, and finally how to dress for a 70s party for boys and girls.

What’s special about the 70s style?

Before going to a thematic party, you need to understand what the theme is about first. In general, each 70’s outfit for ladies and men looked similar to hippie style, but there were a few changes in fashion throughout the decade.

In the early 70s, mainstream fashion took over the majority, which included tie-dyed and floral apparel, bell-bottom pants, etc. When disco peaked from the late 70s to early 80s, fashion changed accordingly. There were maxi dresses, gaucho pants, polyester leisure suits gradually replacing the previous mainstream pieces.

That 70s Show Fashion

70s party clothes’ accessories

So, what to wear to a 70s theme party? Since you have understood how the 70s look and feel, here are more detailed suggestions for the accessories you can bring to the party:


There is a certain number of hairstyles born in the 70s, such as the shag, mullet, Afro, and wedge cut. If possible, style your hair in a preferable way, or else, it is also affordable to buy some wigs to rock that cool party.

Sunglasses and jewelry

On what to wear to a 70s party, groovy sunglasses are some of the most typical items to answer the question, don’t miss carrying them! About jewelry, consider wearing a beaded necklace and earrings, or those with a peace symbol.


Make sure you choose some platform shoes, clogs, or knee-high boots to match with your dresses or gaucho pants. Those were the most popular and significant footwear around that time.

70s shoes on what to wear to a 70s party

Neck and headwear

A colorful scarf and headband can help boost your hippie vibe to the next level. Also, if you have little time to style your hair, consider putting on 70s headwear such as pimp hats, straw ones with braided leather bands, or hats with fuzzy fur and golden shades.

70s party outfit ideas

Finally, let’s look at the main outfits that you can match your accessories with! What to wear to a 70s party can be divided into two categories, which are women and men:

70s outfits for girls


If you know the legendary pop band ABBA in the late 70s, you will know how their fashion influenced generations of music fans. Bodysuits were among the most popular trends inspired by this band, which are also extremely popular nowadays. Remember to finish your looks with long straight hair and high heels.

By choosing this outfit, you encourage the crowd to dance with you, since you are sure the Dancing Queen of the night.

Bell-bottom blue jeans in Farrah style

In the 1970s, the actress Farrah Fawcett from “Charlie’s Angels” was a famous fashion icon with outfits being trendy until today. So, why don’t girls take her looks as inspiration for your next looks?

Farrah Fawcett 70s style

If interested, choose high-waisted bell-button blue jeans, a bright red sporty jacket, and a pair of branded sneakers. Another important feature to pull off the Farrah look was the signature thick and wavy blonde hair. Find it hard to style your hair that way? No worries, there are multiple wigs available for your choice.

70s outfits for boys

70s home look

Suppose you find it hard to recreate the Travolta look, this is an easier way to look hippie, only by utilizing the stuff you already have at home.

For this 70s home look, put on your turtle-neck sweater, a pair of wide blue jeans, and either a beanie or a denim bucket hat. While saving you a good amount of time to prepare, this look makes you look like a funny actor from a 70s sitcom.

The John Travolta look

This one is an iconic look to be seen on any disco floors, which is suitable for guys who love having fun.

John Travolta 70s look

If you want to look like John Travolta who rocked Saturday Night Fever in the 70s, find a white jacket and pants together with a pair of platform shoes. Under your suit coat, put on a button-down shirt that is made of silk and has a wide collar. Finally, join the dance when the music is on!

What to wear to a 70s party as a couple

Besides the above mentioned classic outfits, there are special editions tailored for couples as well. If you want to have matching looks with your bestie or significant other, take a look at the hit rock duo, Sonny and Cher, in the early 1970s:

For Cher’s appearance, prepare a long black wig, platform shoes, and tight dress or hip-hugger trousers to show off your curves. To pull off Sonny’s look, the first thing you should do is picking a bushy mustache. A combination of striped pants and a wide-collar button-down shirt is a recommended choice. Bring a pair of tinted sunglasses if you like.

Cher and Sonny's 70s outfits

As you can see, there are a lot of outfits inspired by famous figures and movie characters from the era that you can take for reference. Share with your friends what to wear to a 70s party, you will surely have a great time dressing up and dancing to disco music!

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