What To Wear With Timberlands For Guys: Tips And Inpos

Timberlands are considered a staple for any guy’s winter outfit – and we’re not surprised. This popular footwear has been making runways, loved by many celebrities around the world and never seem to fall out of trend. Even though these shoes look incredibly impressive, they’re quite a challenge to style. Today, we want to talk about what to wear with Timberlands for guys who want to take on the trend.

The journey of how Timberlands became famous is a long story to be told. With their high quality and growing popularity, these shoes are undoubtedly expensive for a lot of us. Investing in a pair means we have to be certain that we can incorporate them into as many outfits as possible. They don’t only serve as snow boots – you might also want to wear them for as many occasions as possible.

what to wear with timberlands for guys

The rugged, artsy style of the boots may make you hesitate in picking what to go with them. But not to worry, as we will show you how to rock timberland effortlessly. With these suggestions of outfits to wear with Timbs, feel free to find inspirations and apply your personal touch.

Different Styles Of Timberland Shoes

Timberland certainly provides us with so many options for the footwear line. From hiking shoes, chukkas, to moccasins and oxford shoes, there’s no doubt that you’ll find a pair of Timbs that suits you.

However, the signature product we immediately think of when the brand name is mentioned, is their high neck boots in wheat nubuck color. This super iconic boots model features leather material, with a padded collar in black. Not only do they make wonderful outdoor shoes, they are also loved by many trendsetters and influencers.

what to wear with timberlands for guys

Other best sellers from Timberland include a range of hiking boots and chukka boots. However, it seems that the fashion world mostly pays attention only to the high collar boots line. It’s hard to find a website or blog with styling tips for their hiking shoes, if I have to be honest.

Therefore. If you’re still wondering which pair of Timberland to get if your budget only allows for one, then this Timberland pair will be your safest bet. They are long-lasting and waterproof, thus can perfectly handle daily wear and tear. They give you quite a few color options to choose from, and you get to match with lots of other celebrities! What could be a better selling point than that?

How To Lace Your Timberland

Once you’ve successfully attained your pair of Timberland, it’s now time to untie the factory laces and start lacing the shoes yourself. Wondering why? Timbs are actually known to look better when you don’t tie them too tight around your foot. Even the brand itself suggests that you should re-do your own boots’ lacing in order for them to fit your feet best.

Lacing your Timbs also creates your signature look. However, just try not to lace them too loosely. They may easily slip off your feet while you’re walking, and it’s uncomfortable for you as well.

You can check this video for a few lacing tips and how to tie your Timbs properly

How To Style Timberlands: Best Timberland Outfits For Guys

We have compiled some Timberland boot outfits that we feel would suit mostly anyone’s style. For guys, choosing what to wear with timberlands so that your outfit looks amazing is actually easier than you think.

Timberland and jeans

Ariel: A classic combination that everyone might already be too well-aware of. A nicely fitting pair of jeans will match amazingly with your bulky boots. You can essentially choose any color for the jeans from denim blue to black. Mix with a collared top such as flannel or a black shirt to bring the outfit together. In case you want to know more about how to mix&match with jeans, you can read the article about how to wear with black jeans.

Mason: The Timberland-jeans combo is always the safest choice for a casual yet stylish look. This is the outfit that I’d personally wear over and over again, since it’s so versatile and effortless.

Timberland and sweatpants

what to wear with timberlands for guys

Ariel: A bit of a more unconventional style, but it unexpectedly works! The lazy looking sweatpants create a great casual feel to the outfit. Similar to how you’d choose a top that goes with baggy pants, select a top that hugs your body to counter the bottom half.

Mason: Sweatpants are super comfortable, and everyone knows that. But the sad thing is that you can’t wear it on too many occasions without looking like you don’t pay enough attention to your clothes. I’d only choose this option if I’m dressing up for a flight or going to a very casual hangout with friends.

Timberland and long coats

what to wear with timberlands for guys

Ariel: This look is just iconic for the winter. A long coat will easily elevate your whole outfit. Don a knee-length coat together with fitted jeans or trousers for a polished look. Or layer your coat outside a hoodie for a more casual outfit.

Mason: One of the easiest ways you can mix and match your timbs for the winter. These boots are made for the winter, so it’s no surprise that they go well with coats. Both short and long coats work, but I do prefer the look of a knee-length coat on me when I wear my boots.

Timberland and jackets

what to wear with timberlands for guys

Ariel: Depending on your personal style, there are a variety of jackets that you can put together with Timberland boot outfits. Blazer jackets will certainly give a more elegant feel, while bomber and denim jackets bring a cooler vibe. However, remember not to wear a jacket that’s too oversized, since your boots are already giving a bulky look. Choose those that hug your body a little, in order to balance out the look.

Mason: Out of all jackets to wear with my Timbs, I like denim jackets the most. It’s simply because the rugged, vintage look is my preference. But I wouldn’t say no to a change of style once in a while. A bomber jacket makes a perfect outerwear for me to hang out and watch sports with my friends.

Timberland and cardigans

Ariel: When we talked about cardigan outfits for guys, we’ve mentioned how nice of a fashion statement this top is. If you’re looking for a cozy yet more flexible outfit than wearing coats or jackets, then a mix of Timberland and cardigan works wonders.

Mason: I don’t have that many cardigans other than the fitted type that I wear to work, and I obviously can’t wear Timberland boots there. But I do own a few long cardigans, which work the same way with long coats when it comes to mixing and matching with the boots.

Timberland and T-shirts

Ariel: Timberlands are made for the winter, but nothing can stop you from wearing them in another season. Adding a simple T-shirt to your Timberlands and jeans to complete a worry-free outfit for any casual summer event.

Mason: I try to avoid wearing boots too much on hot summer days, but on occasions that I want to look REALLY good, then I’d definitely get into my Timbs, T-shirts, and jeans. You can look super stylish without having to think much.

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